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<div id="ysrchForm  width="100%";margin:0 auto;padding:20px;position:relative; "><form id="searchBoxForm_undefined" action="" style="padding:0;" target="_blank"><input value="UTF-8" name="ei" type="hidden"/><input value="ystg" name="fr" type="hidden"/><div style="padding:0 80px 0 0;zoom:1;"><input onfocus="'#fff';" type="text" id="searchTerm" onblur="if(this.value=='')'#fff  3px center  no-repeat'" style="height:20px;border: solid 1px black; background:#fff  3px center no-repeat; position:relative;" size="33" / name="p"/><br><input style="width:50px" value="Tìm" name="go" type="submit"/></div><span padding:0; font:11px/11px helvetica, sans-serif; list-style-type:none;="arial," margin:0; normal text-align:left;><li style="display:inline;padding-right:10px;"><input id="web_radio" style="vertical-align:middle;margin-right:5px; " value="" name="vs" type="radio"/><label for="web_radio" style="display:inline;vertical-align:middle; padding-top:2px;">Web</label></li><li style="display:inline;padding-right:10px;"><input id="site_radio" checked="checked" style="vertical-align:middle;margin-right:5px; " value="" name="vs" type="radio"/><label for="site_radio" style="display:inline;vertical-align:middle; padding-top:2px;">this Blog</label></li></span></form></div>

thay thế bằng địa chỉ trang blog , web của bạn
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